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Creating jobs and helping Ontario grow

The horse racing industry employs thousands of people in Ontario. It’s an exciting entertainment option that brings economic benefits to communities across the province. OLG is proud to support the hard work of those who dedicate their lives to horse racing.

How OLG supports horse racing

OLG proudly supports Ontario’s horse racing industry and is helping to build a more sustainable future for generations to come. In 2017-18, OLG is distributing approximately $93 million in funding on behalf of the Government of Ontario to racetracks to support close to 950 race dates.

OLG is also providing support that puts a focus on horse racing to grow the customer base and ensure the industry has a strong future in Ontario by:

  • Helping the industry become self-governing
  • Providing responsible gambling expertise
  • Providing marketing strategy expertise
  • Developing new horse-themed products
  • Providing advice to the Province of Ontario regarding horseracing

Horse Racing Campaign Wins Gold for Turnaround Strategy at the Strategy Awards

It’s exciting, it’s immersive and now, it’s award winning. On November 9, OLG’s horse racing campaign, “Your Horse,” won the gold award for Turnaround Strategy at the annual Strategy Awards celebrating the best marketing and advertising strategy work being done in Canada. The award is produced by Strategy, Canada's national marketing industry magazine and news site.

OLG, in collaboration with Ontario Racing, launched the 30 second the “Your Horse” commercial in May 2016, followed by a July unveiling of a 60 second spot at select movie theaters around the province. The campaign also included digital, social and print media. “Your Horse” ignites excitement by putting the spectator in the jockey’s saddle and unabashedly celebrating the heart-pounding thrill of cheering for your horse as it races to the finish line. This campaign also launched the newly created Ontario Racing brand, which represents the industry as a whole including all three horse breeds, and all tracks in Ontario.

Cal Bricker, Senior Vice President of Horse Racing at OLG applauds Adriana Spatzner, Director of Product Development and Marketing for OLG’s Horse Racing Division, for leading the development of this award winning campaign with help from BBDO, one of the world’s top creative agencies.

The “Your Horse” campaign was an instrumental ad for OLG and OR, as growth in consideration for visiting a racetrack and intent to place a wager while at the track showed positive growth. Creating awareness of Horse Racing as an entertainment experience and encouraging people to visit local tracks is at the core of why we work hard to promote horse racing in Ontario. OLG is truly honoured to win the Turnaround Strategy award, we look to continue the positive momentum as we work with the industry to build a sustainable future for Horse Racing in Ontario.

Making horse racing sustainable

Horse racing is an important part of our heritage and is vital to many rural communities in Ontario. OLG is working collaboratively with the horse racing industry, partner agencies and the provincial government to help build a sustainable future for the horse racing industry in Ontario.


OLG’s horse racing division is contributing to the efficient and effective management of funding through performance measurements. To support this objective, OLG established a working group in early 2016 called the Performance Management Excellence Group (PMEG) that includes representation from:

  • the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation;
  • the Ministry of Finance;
  • the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs;
  • Ontario Racing; and
  • the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

The PMEG is proud to release quarterly fiscal industry performance results using well-established key performance indicators. This effort is part of a broader integrated performance management system that provides up-to-date facts and information related to the horse racing sector in Ontario.

Industry Resources

The Administration Agreement governs OLG's obligations relating to the administration of transfer payments under the former Horse Racing Partnership Funding Plan, for the purpose of supporting live horse racing in Ontario.

Administration Agreement (PDF) Amendment to Administration Agreement – 1 Amendment to Administration Agreement – 2 UPDATE TO ADMINISTRATION AGREEMENT SCHEDULE 1 - APRIL 2017 Compliance Declaration – October 2017 2017 PSSDA Salary Disclosure List (PDF) PSSDA 2017 Racetrack Statement of No Employee Salaries to Disclose (PDF)

The Program Guidelines consolidate the roles and responsibilities of the various parties involved in the funding program. The document also summarizes the compliance and eligibility requirements for recipients of transfer payment funding, which are set out in full in the Administration Agreement and Transfer Payment Agreements (as applicable)

HRPFP Program Guidelines (PDF)
Play ButtonYvonne Schwabe, Breeder, Owner, Persleyden Farms

OLG Presents: Beyond the Track – Yvonne(Breeder)

Not your 9 to 5 job, listen to Yvonne discuss the intricacies of being a Breeder.

Play ButtonMan and woman standing in front of a shop

OLG Presents: Beyond the Track – Michelle (Groomer)

Feel the passion and love as Michelle describes her role as a Groomer.

Play ButtonOLG Presents: Beyond the Track - Jeff (Assistant Trainer)

OLG Presents: Beyond the Track - Jeff (Assistant Trainer)

Dedication and pride are prevalent personalities traits exhibited by Assistant Trainers.

Play ButtonOLG Presents: Beyond the Track - Mike (Blacksmtih/Farrier)

OLG Presents: Beyond the Track - Mike (Blacksmtih/Farrier)

There is pride in every step as the horse is thundering down the track.

Play ButtonOLG Presents: Beyond the Track - Tyler (Jockey Valet)

OLG Presents: Beyond the Track - Tyler (Jockey Valet)

From pride to comradely, listen to Tyler talk about how the role of a Jockey Valet is an integral part of the preparation process prior to each race.


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