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Supporting Integrity


Discover the ways that OLG protects players and takes action to keep playing fair and honest.


Discover the ways that OLG protects players and takes action to keep playing fair and honest.



OLG makes sure that the right prizes are paid to the right people every time. Our sophisticated system of prize claim verification ensures that prize ownership and eligibility is confirmed before a prize is paid.

Integrity is part of every process at OLG, from clear information on a ticket’s winning or non-winning status to our commitment to privacy. Even our complaint process has integrity at its core.

OLG is continually evolving our technology to help support integrity in all parts of our operations. Our sophisticated analytics systems, paired with a database recording all lottery transactions since 1999, lets our analytics team quickly identify and investigate any questionable activity.


Strict rules for fairness and equality

Lottery retailers follow strict rules, and are not allowed to purchase or redeem lottery tickets in their own stores. They must visit a different OLG retailer to purchase any OLG products.

When you redeem your ticket at a retailer, they are required to give it back to you, whether it is winning or not.

The OLG Prize Centre tracks all wins of $1,000 and more, including those of retailers and Insiders. If OLG suspects any unusual retailer activity, this could lead to the suspension of a retailer’s lottery terminal.

Real time analytics help prevent fraud

Using a sophisticated data  analytics system, OLG does real-time analysis to immediately flag suspicious lottery transactions and limit potential fraud while helping to validate legitimate claims.

Through Data Analysis and Retrieval Technology (DART), we monitor lottery terminal activity and analyze data to support lottery investigations. 

Leveraging robust tools and processes like pattern recognition, player verification procedures, and an extensive data warehouse with information as far back as 1999, (among others), OLG is able to spot potentially fraudulent behaviour or claims and take action.

We also have specialized internal investigation units to identify and prevent fraud in all areas of business, from our Forensic Investigation Unit to our Corporate Investigations Team – even the OLG Prize Centre. All OLG investigators undergo specialized third-party training.

Important steps for retailers and players

To have a ticket validated by a retailer, all players must first sign their tickets. This applies to both INSTANT and LOTTO tickets. This ensures that only the correct owner can claim the ticket.

Other procedures are in place to keep ticket redemption fair:

  • Receipts are provided to customers for all ticket validation transactions at the lottery terminal.
  • Players can check their ticket themselves using the OLG App or self-serve ticket checkers.
  • The barcodes on winning tickets are torn by the retailer to prevent it from being redeemed more than once.
  • All tickets, winning or non-winning, must be returned to the customer.
  • All prizes up to the redemption limit must be paid out by the retailer at the time of redemption. 

Lottery transaction spaces must be kept clear of clutter, and customer display screens must be readily visible to customers at all times.

OLG investigates all reports of suspicious activity

All calls received by OLG regarding theft, fraud and dishonesty are routed to Investigative Services, logged in a single database, and investigated.

Strict policies and procedures help us to handle any suspicious activity that is reported to us, including related party and insider wins.

Technical features that help protect players and retailers

Lottery terminals are temporarily ‘frozen’ when there is a LOTTO or INSTANT ticket validation of $10,000 or more.

Lottery terminals also play a unique musical tone for a winning ticket, and another for non-winning tickets.  

A list of unclaimed INSTANT prizes is automatically printed from the lottery terminal each day for retailers to post in customer view in their store.

Keeping our players and communities informed

At OLG, we’re proud of all we do to keep our players and communities across Ontario informed. By sharing our information transparently, we can increase the integrity of everything we do.

We publish daily winner lists for prizes of $1,000 or more, and issue news releases for winners of prizes of $50,000 or more to media outlets across Ontario as well as posting many of these winner stories for 30 days after the prize payment. We also publish all Insider and Related Party claims for 30 days before the prize is paid. 

Our News Releases provide information about our operations, milestones, and events as well as advising our communities and players about potential issues or attempted fraud.

Our 18 years + policy protects minors

Before selling or validating a lottery ticket, retailers are required to ask for government issued photo ID from anyone who appears to be under the age of 25. If a customer appears younger than 25 years old, OLG retailers must follow specific security steps.

OLG also provides retailers with training, documentation, and lottery terminal software that helps them to verify different types of identification, and to properly interpret the age of the customer.

Signage is also posted in stores advising customers on both the 18+ age requirement to play the lottery, and that retailers use ID25 as a tool to manage Age Control.

The AGCO oversees and regulates all lottery and gaming activity in Ontario

Careful regulation of all lottery and gaming benefits everyone in Ontario. 

The role of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) is to ensure that casino gaming, charitable gaming, online gaming and lotteries are carried out in the public interest by people who are socially and financially responsible. 

The AGCO reports to Ontario’s Attorney General and works under the authority of the Gaming Control Act, 1992.

In addition to overseeing OLG’s lottery and gaming activities, the AGCO helps to ensure the integrity of Ontario gaming by performing tasks such as registering OLG retailers and reviewing suspicious prize claims and claims made by certain types of Insiders.