Support for Local Economies

This year, OLG generated $4.1 billion** in economic activity in Ontario. This includes...

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$933.8 million Payroll for OLG's 16,000 direct and indirect employees**** across the province

$265.6 million Commissions paid to lottery retailers across Ontario

$146.3 million Payments to municipalities and Ontario First Nations that host gaming facilities and Charitable Gaming Centres

$199.4 million Goods and services purchased from Ontario businesses to support gaming facilities operated by OLG

$137.3 million Payments to Ontario First Nations through the Gaming Revenue Sharing and Financial Agreement

In addition, OLG awarded more than 2.04 billion** in lottery prizes to players.

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How local communities benefit

Each year, OLG gives back millions of dollars to where gaming facilities exist communities. This has helped fund things like college and university campuses, hospitals, community centres, and charities.

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Community Benefit Summary 2017 (PDF)

*Net Profit to the Province is the amount the Corporation returns to the Province of Ontario after stakeholder and other payments.
**Based on the period April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017.
***Based on government policy that directs 2% of forecasted OLG slot machine gross revenue (excluding OLG Slots at Great Blue Heron Charity Casino) to problem gambling funding.
****Direct employees are those employed directly by OLG. Indirect employees are those employed by OLG’s Resort Casinos and the Great Blue Heron Slot Machine Facility.