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Collaboration for Good

Preventing and mitigating problem gambling is our biggest purpose and in order to stay on top of issues and find newer, better ways to address concerns, we collaborate extensively with the government, communities and independent agencies, including, but not limited to the following:

Credit Canada Debt Solutions

Credit Canada Debt Solutions (CCDS)

Recognizing that problem gambling can place financial strain on some individuals and families, we partner with CCDS to expand the reach of responsible and problem gambling information to the credit counselling area. We promote CCDS services in our communications and at gambling sites across Ontario.

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Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

The Centre of Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) is one of the world's leading research centres working in the area of mental illness, including addiction. CAMH contributes to the development and delivery of our employee RG training programs. We also work closely with CAMH in the Northwestern Ontario Wellness program.

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Chinese Family Services of Ontario

Chinese Family Services of Ontario is a non-profit, professional family and settlement services agency that offers a variety of counselling programs to individuals and families in need.
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Gambling Research Exchange Ontario (GREO)

GREO is an independent knowledge translation and exchange organization that aims to eliminate harm from gambling. GREO helps OLG with its responsible gambling research.
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Aboriginal Responsible Gambling Program

We provide support to First Nations communities that host gaming sites plus some of the groups that make up the Ontario Aboriginal Responsible Gambling Program.

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ConnexOntario (formerly Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline)

Connex is a dedicated, province-wide information and referral service ensuring that all communities in Ontario have free, confidential, and anonymous access to information about, and referral to, problem gambling treatment resources via a toll-free telephone line and website. We often direct players demonstrating signs of problem gambling to the Helpline for support.
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Responsible Gambling Council (RGC)

RGC is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to problem gambling prevention. RGC staff operate the PlaySmart Centres (formerly Responsible Gaming Resource Centers) at slots and casino venues and Charitable Gaming Centres. The Responsible Gambling Council also developed the RG Check Program, a rigorous Responsible Gambling accreditation program that is recognized internationally. RG Check is designed to meet or exceed all existing responsible gambling regulatory requirements and provide a concrete roadmap for implementing broadly stated industry RG codes of practice.
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See Responsible Gambling to learn more about how we’re addressing the issue of problem gambling.

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