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TAP ‘N PLAY Side Games

TAP ‘N PLAY Side Games

TAP ‘N PLAY side games are individual play games that you can play any time on an eBingo terminal. There is a variety of game options that are fun and easy to play with the chance to win instant cash prizes and progressive jackpots.

The results of the underlying break open ticket or bingo game will be displayed on the game screen in an entertaining way. If you win, your cash prize is automatically credited to your electronic account.

How To Play

Before playing TAP ‘N PLAY side games, be sure you have purchased electronic credits at the sales counter.

  1. Select the TAP ‘N PLAY button from the main screen on the eBingo terminal to see game options.
  2. Choose the game you would like to play
  3. Select the amount you would like to wager.
  4. TAP the [BUY]/[PLAY] button and the game will automatically begin.

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