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Charitable Games

A Charitable Bingo and Gaming Centre is...

...the perfect destination if you’re looking for a fun experience with your friends!

Play classic paper bingo, electronic bingo, or try a high-speed exciting game like Turbo Challenge, easy to play Break Open Tickets, or TAP ‘N PLAY and Play on Demand (POD) Games that you can play at your own convenience. OLG’s technology brings you the best of both worlds, offering both the traditional paper versions and faster, exciting digital games. Finding your favorite game is part of the fun!

Paper and Electronic Bingo

Whether you’re a first time player, or returning to the game you’ve always loved, we would like your visit to be fun and exciting with Paper and Electronic Bingo!

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Turbo Challenge Bingo

Turbo Challenge Bingo is a fast-paced, shutter board-style bingo game. With an easy-to-play touch screen, it’s a fast and fun way to enjoy all that bingo has to offer.

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Upik8 is a fun and simple paper or electronic game that gives you the opportunity to select your own eight numbers or have the numbers picked for you.

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The Excitement is one Tap Away! So many TAP ‘N PLAY cabinet games, so much fun and easy to play.

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Play On Demand Games

Your games. Your way. POD games are personal Bingo games you play against the computer.

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TAP ‘N PLAY side games are fun fast-paced individual play games that you can play any time on an eBingo terminal.

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