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Whether you’re a first-time player, or returning to the game you’ve always loved, we would like your visit to be fun and exciting with Paper and Electronic Bingo!

Paper Bingo

Paper Bingo is the traditional way to play the game we all know and love. Once you have your dauber, all you need is your bingo books or specials for the specific Bingo session you would like to attend at the centre.

Electronic Bingo (eBingo)

A Whole New Way to Have Fun! Over recent years, a popular way to play Bingo has become electronic Bingo (eBingo). With eBingo, you have the option of playing Bingo on a computer screen or on traditional paper cards, or both! It’s super-fun, easy and gives you the option different ways to play! Grab your friends and visit your closest centre.

How To Play

Getting Started at the centre

  1. Review the session program and inform the customer service representative of the amount of electronic credits and paper cards you wish to purchase.
  2. The customer service representative will then provide you with a player ID number.
  3. Input your unique password, which only you can access, on the keypad to make your purchase.
  4. Choose your electronic unit and begin to purchase your Bingo games for the session.

How To Play Paper Bingo How To Play Electronic Bingo