Working Toward a Sustainable Future for the Horse Racing Industry

Over the past eight months, the government, OLG and OHRIA have been working closely on key elements of horse racing integration. All parties are engaged in a dialogue with the industry on areas of mutual interest. Through these discussions, a great deal has been accomplished. OLG meets regularly with the industry, is defining how horse racing fits into the modernization framework and is laying a foundation for the industry’s success. OLG has a new horse racing division, led by a new Senior Vice President. It is developing a co-branding marketing strategy and preparing to launch horse-themed products through its Lottery and Internet business channels. OLG has also signed leases with almost all racetracks in Ontario that host its gaming sites. In addition, the regulatory merger of the Ontario Racing Commission and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario is moving forward and the government's five-year Horse Racing Partnership Plan continues to support the industry. The next area of focus is developing a financial model to provide a long-term funding framework. This includes exploring options that help create economic confidence in a transparent and accountable way, beyond 2019. The government has asked OLG to provide recommendations on this topic by the end of the year. Cal Bricker, OLG’s Senior Vice President of Horse Racing, is leading a collaborative discussion with the industry on this subject. Horse racing is vital to Ontario’s rural communities and is an important part of our province’s rich heritage. The ongoing collaboration between OLG, the horse racing industry and the Ontario government will help create a sustainable industry in the province for generations to come.