Horse Racing Integration

Looking forward to a strong future in horse racing

OLG is working with the horse racing industry and the Ontario government to build the foundation for a more sustainable horse racing industry in Ontario.

OLG is providing provincial support to assist in the growth of the industry by helping the industry build the capacity and structure needed for self-governance.

To increase the public profile of horse racing, OLG has:

  • Created a horse-themed product, THE CANADIAN TRIPLE CROWN INSTANT game, which was released on May 2, 2016.
  • Supported the development of a new brand for the industry, including an advertising campaign to help grow the customer base
  • Shared its expertise and is helping the industry adopt its own Responsible Gambling program
  • Established a line of business dedicated to horse racing, led by a senior executive

The Government of Ontario has extended support to the horse racing industry, formerly known as the Horse Racing Partnership Funding Program, by two years. The extension will provide up to $100 million annually to the industry.

Ontario Racing is currently holding consultations with the industry, which will result in recommendations to the government on a long-term funding arrangement

Horse racing is vital to rural communities. The industry provides jobs for thousands of people across the province and is an important part of Ontario’s heritage.


On October 11, 2013, the Ontario government announced its five-year plan for a sustainable horse racing industry in the province. The government also released the Horse Racing Industry Transition Panel’s final report –
Building a Sustainable Future Together: Ontario’s Five-Year Horse Racing Partnership.

In order to better understand what viable options exist for integrating horse racing into Ontario’s gaming strategy, OLG commissioned two research studies:

  • 1. A consumer segmentation study of the horse racing market in Ontario; and
  • 2. An inter-jurisdictional study focused on how other jurisdictions integrate gaming and horse racing.

An executive summary of the key findings of both studies is available as an appendix to the panel’s report.

In February 2015, OLG participated in a horse racing stakeholder meeting hosted by the Ministry of Finance. Since then, meetings have been taking place regularly to deepen the relationships between OLG and the industry while beginning to build a collaborative plan for integration.