Our Mission & Values


To generate revenue for the Province; stimulate and enhance economic development; and promote high standards of responsible gambling—all in the best interests of the Province of Ontario.


To develop world-class gaming entertainment for Ontario.

Our Guiding Principles

Innovation: Make innovation a key driver of how we grow.

Customer Focus: Assess our impact on the customer and their experience in everything we do.

Policy Shaping: Play a strong role in shaping gaming policy in Ontario and Canada to create growth opportunities.

Partnerships: Effectively partner with stakeholders, customers, employees and the private sector.

Responsibility: Foster a healthy, sustainable player base through education, risk reduction, and player assistance.

Economic Stewardship: Drive profitable growth, be cost conscious, invest efficiently and generate employment opportunities in Ontario.


We work to earn and maintain the respect of our colleagues, our customers and our shareholder. We seek diversity among people, their ideas and points of view.

We believe in doing the right thing. We do what we say and live up to high standards of fairness and ethical behaviour.

We are responsible stewards in our work and communities. We set high standards and are accountable for acting in the best interests of our customers and managing our resources in a manner that brings maximum benefit to the people of Ontario.

We take pride in being recognized as industry experts. We commit to continuous improvement, innovation and excellence in performance.