Corporate Social Responsibility

Our role as a good corporate citizen

OLG contributes to the Province and people of Ontario by providing revenue to the government, our host communities and local charities.

However, to truly help make Ontario a better place, OLG’s efforts need to go beyond its financial contribution alone. Ontarians rightly expect OLG to be a good corporate citizen and to integrate the values they hold into its culture, policies, programs and decision making.

OLG’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts include four key areas of activity:


OLG is proud of the standard it is pursuing when it comes to Responsible Gambling. Working with problem gambling experts and leading researchers, OLG has developed an enterprise-wide Responsible Gambling program that equips players with information to make informed choices about OLG’s products.

Earning and keeping customer trust

Each year, millions of Ontarians visit one of OLG’s gaming sites and even more buy lottery products. OLG is committed to making sure each customer’s experience is positive. Over the past seven years, OLG has made a number of improvements to its games and facilities with the goal of maximizing the integrity of lottery and gaming in Ontario.

Supporting employee engagement in communities

OLG employees are ambassadors of OLG’s corporate values. In addition to their work supporting OLG’s contribution to the Province, employees are involved in many community initiatives.

Reducing impact on the environment

OLG is also committed to pursuing business practices that consider the health of the environment, the economic strength and vitality of communities and the quality of life of future generations.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

OLG's Corporate Social Responsibility Report serves as a measure of OLG's efforts in a number of areas of social responsibility, including: Responsible Gambling and efforts to address problem gambling; earning and keeping customers' trust; supporting employees' engagement in communities; strengthening communities; and, reducing OLG’s impact on the environment.

See OLG’s Corporate Social Responsibility Reports:

2014-15 Corporate Social Responsibility Report (PDF)
2013-14 Corporate Social Responsibility Report (PDF)
2012-13 Corporate Social Responsibility Report (PDF)


2015-16 GRI INDEX (PDF)

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