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Our Corporate Mission

OLG's corporate mission guides employees in their work with customers and other stakeholders. In all we do, we focus on our mission and work to achieve our vision.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

OLG contributes to the Province and people of Ontario by providing revenue to the government, our host communities and local charities.

However, to truly help make Ontario a better place, OLG’s efforts need to go beyond its financial contribution alone. Ontarians rightly expect OLG to be a good corporate citizen and to integrate the values they hold into its culture, policies, programs and decision-making.

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Our History

For more than 45 years, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has delivered innovation, integrity and economic benefit for the people of Ontario.

We’re Changing

Ontario's first lottery launched in May 1975. Since then, OLG has been providing popular lottery and gaming entertainment that helps give back to the province, communities and people of Ontario.

These days, the gaming market place is changing rapidly. Customers have more choices than ever before and OLG needs to keep pace. OLG is modernizing to develop a world-class gaming experience for customers.