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Video Transcript – Where the Money Goes

Where the Money Goes

Descriptive video transcript

The sun is shining, people are walking downtown Brantford, and at Laurier University.

Caption: Laura - Brantford, ON

A woman wearing an apron and a baseball cap speaks to someone off camera. "Without the campuses here a lot of the businesses wouldnít have opened up." A man carrying a hockey bag and a boy carrying a goalie stick and pads enter the Innisfil Community Centre. Kids in hockey gear walk down the hall.

Caption: Majorie - Innisfil, ON

An older woman speaks to someone off camera. A group of older women and men take part in an aquafit class at the community centre. "The community centre makes people feel like theyíre a part of the community." A sign that reads Sault Area Hospital stands in front of the exterior of the building. A new mother holds her baby and smiles.

Caption: Lorraine - Sault Ste. Marie, ON

A young woman in a white doctorís coat speaks to someone off camera. "The new hospital was a big part of why I chose to practice in Sault Ste. Marie." A sequence of shots highlight Downtown Brantford and its University campus.

Caption: Campuses

"Proceeds from OLG gaming centres help communities fund things like " A hospital employee walks down one of the hallways at the Sault Ste Marie hospital.

Caption: Hospitals

"college and university campuses, hospitals and community centres." A group swims in the pool and a yoga instructor leads a class at the Innisfil Community Centre.

Caption: Community Centres

A group of people are standing in a circle lifting weights in a gym at the community centre.

Caption: $36 billion since 1975

"This is only part of the $36 billion OLG has contributed since 1975." A sequence of shots of all the people who are benefiting from these facilities, like students, residents, patients, and employees, smiling at the camera. "Real stories like this are happening all over the province all the time. To see more stories visit"