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Video Transcript – Sault Ste Marie’s Hospital

Sault Ste Marieís Hospital

Descriptive video transcript

The sun is rising in and around Sault Ste Marie. The camera passes under a sign that reads Sault Ste. Marie Algomaís Friendliest City. "Iíve lived in Sault Ste Marie all my life. I own a flower shop here in the city.

The sun hits the Victor Mann Florist sign. An older woman speaks to someone off camera with joyful tears in her eyes. "I love Sault Ste Marie. I canít think of living anywhere else. Itís a great place to live. The Sault area hospital was a long time coming, and needed.

Caption: Darren - Surgeon

A young man in scrubs at the hospital speaks to someone off camera. "Most people have a lot of fear and anxiety about coming to the hospital in the first place." People are walking throughout the hospital, down the hallways, in front of sun-filled windows. "There were a lot of people that felt like it was great dream and"

Caption: Mario - Hospital Administrator

A man with glasses speaks to someone off camera. "it was noble and all, but it ainít going to happen. It happened."

Caption: Sault Ste. Marie invested proceeds from their OLG Gaming Centre into building a new hospital.

"Itís bright, itís beautiful, itís very striking." A motion-sensored glass, sliding door glides open for a better view of the hospitalís atrium. It is filled with light from all the windows. "Itís just a sense of comfort." In a timelapse shot, people come and go through the hospitalís atrium. "Almost like being welcomed into a home." A sign that reads Sault Area Hospital sign stands in front of the exterior of the building. "It doesnít have the institution feel when you come in that front door." The exterior of the building shows just how many windows there are. "The hospital is great. The bricks and mortar are fantastic."

Caption: Heather - Chief of Staff

A middle-aged woman speaks to someone off camera. "But what it really allows is for the relationships to flourish that we have " A young couple in one of the hospital rooms holds their newborn baby. "among the care providers so that we can all focus on the patient, which is the reason why weíre here. I think having a new hospital is the pillar for recruitment for our community." A sequence of shots of individual hospital employees smiling at the camera. "Weíre able to showcase a new state of the art facility and a lot of new physicians are coming to Sault Ste Marie." A young man in scrubs speaks to someone off camera. "A lot is only going to get better by attracting a few good people. And then other good people want to come and work with those good people."

Caption: Lorraine - Family Doctor

A young woman in a white doctorís coat speaks to the camera. "Patients whoíve previously had to drive to Sudbury to access radiation for treatment of cancer are now able to get those treatments right in Sault Ste Marie."

Caption: Shirley - Patient

An older woman speaks to someone off camera. "You know, in Sudbury itís fine you can make a phone call or text them, but if you feel like you really need a hug, you can get a hug here. You canít over the phone." A woman runs by the waterfront. Storefront signs pass by. A timelapse shot shows cars and people coming and going outside the hospital at dusk. "Last year alone OLG gaming centres gave back $110 million to their communities. This is only part of the $36 billion OLG has contributed to Ontario since 1975. Real stories like this are happening all over the province all the time. To see more stories visit"