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Video Transcript – Pride Happens Here

Pride Happens Here

Descriptive video transcript

OLG proceeds support the things that make Ontario great.

Audio: Music Plays throughout.

Open on a female gymnast entering a training facility.

Super: OLG patch logo.

We see an older man buttoning up his suit.

We see a young man meeting his partner and arriving at a Pride Parade, which is in full swing.

Sound Design: The crowd starts to cheer and the music builds.

Cut back to the older man getting dressed.

Cut back to the gymnast stretching.

Super: Gymnastics Mississauga.

We see a set of bagpipes being picked up off the bed by the older man.

We return to the gym where the gymnast is working on a tumbling routine.

Cut to the older bagpiper playing at an outdoor festival.

Sound design: the sound of bag pipes grows louder.

Super: Fergus Scottish Festival.

We see the couple smiling as they walk alongside a float at a pride parade.

Super: Pride Festivals.

We see our gymnast finishing her tumbling routine and sticking her landing. She looks to the camera with a fierce look of accomplishment and pride in her eyes.

Super: Pride Happens Here.

Audio: Pride Happens Here.

Audio: OLG proceeds support the things that make Ontario great.

We see an animated map of Ontario with OLG PIN markers.

The gymnasts face merges with one of the pins on the map.

The camera pans out to reveal the All for Here badge.

Audio: We’re all for here.

Sound Design: We hear the OLG chime.

OLG logo appears.