Revitalized bingo centres to feature electronic versions of popular games

OLG is teaming up with the Ontario Charitable Gaming Association (OCGA) and the Commercial Gaming Association of Ontario (CGAO) to revitalize the charitable bingo and gaming industry in Ontario. Complementing traditional paper-based bingo and other games, OLG is using modern technology to develop and introduce new products to invigorate the bingo experience and attract new players to charitable bingo centres across the province. The new product offerings will include: Electronic Bingo (eBingo), Break Open Ticket Dispensers, Electronic Instants, Rapid Draw Bingo, and Electronic Shutterboard. Over eight years of operation, this initiative is expected to deliver about $475 million in much-needed funding to Ontario charities, while also helping to sustain hundreds of part-time jobs. So far, this initiative has been successfully implemented at six bingo centres across Ontario. Together, those centres have raised more than $43 million to support over 500 local charities – which include children’s groups, and environmental and health services organizations. In July, Boardwalk Gaming Centre Sudbury, one of the six initial bingo centres, was the first to reach the $10 million milestone. The increased ability to draw customers is benefiting the 98 community organizations that fundraise at this facility. One of those organizations is the Banque d’Aliments Sudbury Food Bank. As a result of its charitable gaming partnership with the Boardwalk Gaming Centre,  Banque d’Aliments Sudbury Food Bank is able to provide over one million items of food annually to individuals and families who need support in the Sudbury area. OLG recently launched a public awareness campaign including print and radio advertisements, to inform Ontarians about its plans to revitalize the charitable bingo and gaming industry. For more information about this initiative, visit “How Will Charitable Gambling Change?”.