Promoting Responsible Gambling Awareness

As part of OLG’s robust and innovative Responsible Gambling program, OLG is launching the third annual "It Pays to Know” kiosk promotion. Interactive kiosks will be set up in gaming sites across the province where players learn about how our games work and are encouraged to use smart play habits. The program features a Responsible Gambling trivia game where all participants, regardless of their scores, are entered into a draw to win a grand prize ($500 Home & Leisure gift card) at each gaming site. This year’s promotion will run from September until January. The results from last year’s campaign were very strong with positive feedback from consumers and participants. Over the 88 days of the promotion, more than 46,000 players completed the touch screen experience. OLG has been recognized by the World Lottery Association with the highest level of certification for excellence in its Responsible Gambling programs. As the province’s lottery and gaming industry transforms through modernization, OLG will continue to apply greater focus on the prevention and mitigation of problem gambling including educating players, encouraging healthy play habits and supporting problem gamblers. Speaking at the Ontario Problem Gambling Research AGM on September 5, 2012, Rod Phillips, President and CEO reiterated OLG’s commitment to Responsible Gambling in the future OLG. “We must continue to build Responsible Gambling into culture,” said Phillips. “We will include comprehensive Responsible Gambling details in our contracts with future service providers and we will ensure that they deliver against those requirements.” As outlined in “Modernizing Lottery and Gaming in Ontario”, OLG will direct and require operators of lottery channels and gaming sites to exceed regulatory compliance standards. OLG will provide operators with strategic and tactical support, performance evaluations, incentives and plans for improvement.