Keeping Winning Fair

Protecting the integrity and fairness of OLG's products and games is a priority

OLG’s goal is to ensure the right prize goes to the right person, each time and every time. That's why OLG operating procedures for prizing are rigorous and carefully administered. Security, customer protection and customer service are core to the manner in which OLG manages this critical element of lotteries.

Concern for integrity extends, for example, to the complaint process, to privacy issues and to the provision of clear and concise information about winning/non-winning ticket status.

Lottery prize integrity is supported by state-of-the-art data analysis technology, including a database that maintains a record of all 15 billion lottery transactions since 1999 and key information about all individuals involved in the direct sale of lottery products. As a result, OLG's analytics team can quickly identify and investigate questionable activity.

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Did you know that retailers are prohibited from purchasing lottery tickets in their own stores?

Did you know that OLG does real-time analysis to immediately flag suspicious lottery transactions and limit potential fraud?

Did you know OLG's auditors have reviewed lottery transactions dating back to 1999?

Did you know that customers must sign their tickets before a retailer can validate them?

Did you know that all calls received by OLG regarding theft, fraud and dishonesty are routed to Investigative Services?

Did you know that lottery terminals are temporarily ‘frozen’ when there is a LOTTO or INSTANT ticket validation of $5,000 or more?

Did you know that OLG's ongoing public awareness campaign utilizes virtually all media, including television, radio, transit shelter ads, newspapers and Internet advertising -even video screens at retail locations and gaming sites?

Did you know that before selling or validating a lottery ticket, retailers are required to ask for government issued photo ID from anyone who appears to be under the age of 25?

Did you know that the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has regulatory oversight of all OLG lotteries?

Reporting Potential Fraud

If you suspect that you’ve been a victim of fraud after purchasing or redeeming your lottery ticket(s), please notify OLG immediately by calling:


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