Gaming sites good for local economies

Re: Keep a casino out of this region — Oct. 24

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. wants to ensure that communities have the information they need to encourage dialogue and make informed decisions, based on facts.

The fact is, a majority of the gaming corporation’s customers are educated, middle to high-income earners who play responsibly. Your editorial repeats an often-cited claim about the customers who play our games. However, this information is based on a very limited study completed close to 10 years ago. In their 2004 study, The Demographic Sources of Ontario Gaming Revenue, Robert Williams and Richard Wood themselves acknowledge the limitations of their findings, saying they are based on a very small sample size of 32 problem gamblers.

We provide a form of entertainment and we want our customers to use an affordable portion of their disposable income to play our games. We do not want problem gamblers to use our products or play in our facilities.

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