Expanding the modernization dialogue

In 2012, OLG began the process of modernizing Ontario’s lottery and gaming industry. This included releasing Requests for Information for both lottery and gaming, and two Requests for Pre-Qualifications: one for lottery along with the first in a series of RFPQs for gaming. Important discussions about OLG’s modernization are taking place in municipalities across Ontario and online through social media.  As 2013 begins, OLG wants to continue to be part of this important conversation and be as open and transparent about the modernization process as possible. To help engage and inform Ontarians, OLG has launched @Modern_OLG – a Twitter account that will provide the latest updates about the modernization process. In addition, through @RodPhillipsOLG, OLG’s president and CEO, Rod Phillips will also be tweeting his thoughts on modernization, as well as on OLG’s Responsible Gambling initiatives, and other important topics. OLG invites all Ontarians to join the conversation and follow the modernization process on Twitter.