In “Modernizing Lottery and Gaming in Ontario”, a report delivered to the Minister of Finance, OLG outlined a proposal to transform lottery and gaming in Ontario to modernize the system and create jobs. By modernizing lottery and gaming, in addition to initiatives currently underway, in 2017, OLG will contribute an additional $1.3 billion annually to key public priorities; usher in $3 billion in new private sector capital investment in the province; and help create some 2,300 net new jobs across Ontario and an estimated 4,000 service sector jobs in the hospitality, hotel, restaurant, entertainment and retail sectors. The report makes three key recommendations to reform Ontario’s gaming and lottery industry, all of which are subject to government approval: • Become more customer-focused • Expand regulated private sector delivery of lottery and gaming • Renew OLG role in oversight of lottery and gaming Within the three recommendations of the report, changes include allowing for slot facilities beyond horseracing tracks so that sites can be located where there is customer interest. Since 1998, Slots at Racetracks have provided approximately $3.4 billion in slot revenue to the horseracing industry. As long as slots facilities are linked to individual racetracks, OLG is unable to consider alternate locations for gaming sites. Over time, this has resulted in the location of gaming facilities in places unrelated to customer interest. The report recommends that this relationship be changed to allow for moving, changing or otherwise improving land-based gaming in the province. OLG recommends ending the Slots at Racetracks funding model though OLG does plan to continue offering slots at some racetracks where there is customer interest. Copies of the report are available at For further information: OLG Media Relations, 1.888.946.6716

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