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Find news releases from OLG and learn more about all the exciting things happening with our games, and our company.


Find news releases from OLG and learn more about all the exciting things happening with our games, and our company.



To effectively manage the gaming market in Ontario, OLG identified 29 Gaming Zones where existing or new gaming facilities would be permitted following municipal and other approvals. The Gaming Zones are outlined in OLG’s Request for Information (RFI) for Gaming, available on MERX ( )

Gaming Zones

What is a Gaming Zone?

Gaming Zones are geographic areas where regulated private-sector providers will be allowed to operate a single gaming facility, subject to approvals. The zones are defined for building purposes only, and will not affect operators’ ability to market their offering — although some restrictions might apply to ensure the sustainability of the market.

How are Gaming zones selected?

Gaming zones are based on a business model that is designed to maximize revenue for the province. Factors such as proximity of a gaming location to other gaming facilities and residential areas were measured to determine the zones.

Why are Gaming Zones important?

The design of these zones is intended to manage competition between facilities and ensure a sustainable and efficient gaming market in Ontario. In each zone, OLG will define:

  • Geographic boundaries where the regulated private-sector providers will be allowed to locate the gaming facility, if a new facility is being established, or if a proposal will be made to move an existing facility, subject to OLG, municipal and other approvals.
  • Number of gaming positions, payouts, and betting limits.
  • Types of games offered (i.e., slots, tables, sports books).
  • Responsible gambling policies that will apply to all zones across Ontario.

Inside gaming zones, each operator will be allowed to establish a new facility (for new zones), operate the current facility, or relocate existing facilities within the boundaries of the zone, subject to relevant approvals, including:

  • OLG’s approval of business case.
  • Municipal approval from the host municipality for the establishment and operation of a gaming facility in that municipality.
  • Other approvals, such as from ministries and environmental agencies.

Note: The proposed zones for the location of OLG gaming facilities are not final. The geographic boundaries may be adjusted based on ongoing discussions with relevant stakeholders and information received through the Request for Information (RFI) process.

Gaming Zone maps are posted on

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For further information: OLG Media Relations, 1.888.946.6716,

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