Gaming Customers • Customers made more than 39 million visits to OLG gaming sites last year (F2011) • 64% of Ontarians 19 years of age and older have made at least one visit to an Ontario casino or slots facility. • 2.7 million Ontarians (or 27% of the adult population) 19 years of age and older have visited a casino or slots facility in the past 12 months. • This group tends to have higher rates of community college education, full-time employment and household income. • 77% of Ontarians who visit casinos or slot facilities are 51 years of age or older. • Men and women visit casino or slot facilities equally. • The majority of casino/slot facility visitors, 89%, play slot machines; 24% play table games; 15% have placed a bet on horse races; and 3% have placed a sports bet. • 47% of slot and casino players in Ontario have annual incomes higher than $75,000 Lottery Customers • Last year, 80% (or eight million Ontarians) played the lottery at least once. • 51% play lotteries on a regular basis. • A Core lottery player is someone who buys lottery tickets once a week or more. Approximately 21% of Ontario adults are Core lottery players. • As a whole, lottery players tend to be aged 35-54, men and women playing equally, with higher rates of employment and a slightly higher household income than non- players. • Lottery players tend to be older than non players. The largest group of players is between the ages of 35 and 54 with an average age of 48. • The majority of lottery players (54%) purchases draw tickets only (e.g. LOTTO 6/49, LOTTO MAX). In comparison, only 4% of lottery players purchase Instant tickets exclusively. Almost 40% of players purchase both instant and draw tickets. Less than 6% of lottery players purchased a sports lottery ticket (PRO LINE, PRO PICKS or POINT SPREAD) in the past two months. Copies of the report are available at For further information: OLG Media Relations, 1.888.946.6716

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