Corporate Governance

Our reporting structure

Classified as an Operational Enterprise, OLG has a single shareholder, the Government of Ontario, and reports through its Board of Directors to the Minister of Finance. Members of the Board of Directors and its Chair are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. Neither the Chair nor members of the Board are full-time, nor are they members of Management.

The legislative authority of the Corporation is set out in the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Act, 1999.

Board of Directors
Executive Leadership Team
Memorandum of Understanding (PDF)

Board Mandate

The board’s mandate is to direct Management’s focus to optimizing the Corporation’s overall performance and increasing shareholder value by executing its various responsibilities, which include:

  • to establish the goals, objectives and strategies for the Corporation consistent with the Corporation’s mandate and applicable government policies
  • to approve the annual business plan as well as operating and capital budgets
  • to define and assess business risks
  • to review the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls in managing risks
  • to appraise the performance of the President and Chief Executive Officer
  • to oversee a code of conduct to ensure the highest standards in dealing with customers, suppliers and staff, with due regard to ethical values and the interests of the community at large in all corporate endeavours
  • to track the overall performance of the Corporation
  • to remain informed and provide input, as required, concerning communications with the Government of Ontario and stakeholders
  • to ensure compliance with key policies, laws and regulations

Our Board Committees

Audit And Risk Management Committee

The primary function of the Audit and Risk Management Committee is to assist the board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities by reviewing and monitoring the Corporation’s financial statements, systems of internal controls including those over financial reporting, capital expenditure program and Enterprise Risk Management program, as well as the compliance systems that have been established.

In addition, the Committee assists the board by inquiring into and overseeing the financial matters of the Corporation. It reviews the budget framework, policies and procedures, oversees and contributes to the development of the annual budget and projections and reviews financial performance.

Governance And Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

The Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee assists the board in developing and monitoring governance policies and practices. It helps identify policy areas for review and presents recommendations to the board for consideration so that the board can ensure the Corporation’s adherence to the highest standards in corporate governance.

In addition, the Committee assists the board and the Corporation in fulfilling its social responsibility in the conduct of its business. It inquires into and oversees such areas as responsible gambling, game integrity and Smart Serve food and beverage service.

Talent, Culture And Compensation Committee

The Talent, Culture and Compensation Committee helps ensure that the Corporation has sufficient organizational strength at the senior management level to achieve its short- and long-term goals. It also recommends, for board approval, the compensation and benefit plans for senior management.

Transformation And Technology Committee

The Transformation and Technology Committee assists the board in overseeing matters pertaining to the development and review of the Corporation’s strategic plans and the development, review and implementation of associated information technology and major business transformation plans and programs aimed at achieving the Corporation’s mission, vision, strategic direction, objectives and goals.