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Video Transcript – Innisfil Community Centre

Innisfil Community Centre

Descriptive video transcript

An older woman is driving her car.

Caption: Barbara - Innisfil resident

"My husband and I were in a car accident." The countryside passes by, outside her car windows. "Our car was, the term is T-boned. We had some injuries, but not life threatening. " Geese take flight over a body of water. Barbara and her husband, an older man, walk toward the Innisfil Community Centre holding hands. "We decided we would give the community centre a try. The community centre was the dream of Innisfil."

Caption: Innisfil invested proceeds from their OLG Gaming Centre into building a community centre.

"People like to be a part of something and I think " Kids run around inside the community centre, people are getting coffee, staff members are laughing, and people are standing at the YMCA counter. "the community centre makes people feel like theyíre a part of the community." Three older women are seated at a table in a home. "Barb, she can do all of the exercises and she looks so good doing them." The same women are taking part in an aquafit class together. "It was the fun and the social interaction that probably appealed more than the physicality of it. You hate to miss. You get up in the morning, if you donít feel like going, well you go anyways because it is so much fun." A fitness class is in progress in one of the gyms at the community centre. A group of people are standing in a circle doing exercises and lifting weights. A yoga instructor leads her class in some stretches. "We felt totally better by being there. It wasnít just our bodies. After classes we stay a little bit longer to talk and you can get really close to them." People are running on treadmills and lifting weights in the gym at the community centre. "This is a social thing and you get some exercise thrown in." A man with tattoos on both arms puts down his dumbells. "And letís face it weíve learned a lot about tattoos." The three older woman at the table are laughing together. Kids are playing floor hockey, a baby is crawling, and kids are playing in the gym at the community centre. "This took us out of our small community and brought us together so that we began to talk to people from other communities."

Caption: Majorie - Resident

One of the older women at the table speaks to someone off camera. "When I got my husband to go which is a, if you know what I mean." A group of women and a few men are participating in an aquafit class at the community centre pool. "There are not as many men in the pool but weíre getting the numbers up. Itís kind of like a part of your family."

Caption: Mildred - Yoga Instructor

A woman speaks to the camera. "This is my second home." Kids play hockey at the community centre hockey arena. "The community centre has helped to pull this community together." Barbara, an older woman, speaks to someone off camera. "Itís everybodyís." A timelapse of people walking through the front hallway of the community centre, working out in the gym, kids playing on the indoor hockey rink, and people entering the building from outside. "Last year alone OLG Gaming Centres gave back $110 million to their communities. This is only part of the $36 billion OLG has contributed to Ontario since 1975. Real stories like this are happening all over the province all the time. To see more stories visit"