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Video Transcript – All For the Royal

All For the Royal

Descriptive video transcript

Opens up on the Royal Winter Fair entrance

Sound Design: Music starts to play.

Crowd shot of people walking through the event.

Audio: We’re Ontario’s Lottery & Gaming. And we’re all for Ontario’s best.

A woman speaks to the camera. A young 4H girl holds up here ribbons as crowd of photographers click away. We see a large crowd cheering at the rodeo in the Ricoh and then a bunch of sheep running around the pen.

Audio: Sheep baaaah.

We see a donkey in the petting zoo.

Audio: The donkey snorts.

There’s a group of gigantic award winning pumpkins and then a trainer directs horses around the track. We see some people sampling fudge and listening to a chef speak in the food area.

A little girl chased a baby goat and a little boy and his mom in the petting zoo. Cut to horse in stable, the horse budges the OLG yellow pin.

Audio: We’re all for the best of the country coming to the city.

Audio: We’re Ontario’s Lottery & Gaming. And we’re all for here.

Sound Design: You hear the OLG chime and the music stops.