OLG reaches agreement in principle for lease at Ajax Downs

OLG is pleased to announce that it has reached a lease agreement in principle for its slots operations at Ajax Downs.  OLG has provided the site holder with a Letter of Intent, which sets out the general intentions and business arrangements, subject to approvals, between OLG and the site. OLG previously announced it has reached agreements in principle for its slots operations with 11 other site holders. “We are pleased to have reached lease agreements in principle for our slots operations at 12 of 14 sites,” said Rod Phillips, President and CEO of OLG.  “We continue to hold discussions with the remaining site holder and are hopeful that a positive outcome to those discussions is near for all facilities.” OLG hopes to finalize the agreement with the site holder by March 15, 2013. “We have longstanding and positive relationships with our site holders and look forward to working with them in the future,” said Phillips.