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Find news releases from OLG and learn more about all the exciting things happening with our games, and our company.


Find news releases from OLG and learn more about all the exciting things happening with our games, and our company.



TORONTO, ON – The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) today marked the close of its Request for Pre-Qualification (RFPQ) for the modernization of lottery.

Issued on December 14, 2012, the RFPQ asked service providers to demonstrate their experience as it relates to the lottery business.

This includes:

  • Success in developing customer driven growth strategies;
  • An ability to operate complex and dynamic businesses;
  • Access to the resources, tools and technology needed to operate a sustainable lottery business; and
  • Capacity to lead the transition of customers, retailers, employees and technology to a new operating model.

“Today’s milestone is another indication that OLG’s modernization of lottery and gaming is proceeding well,” said Rod Phillips, OLG President and CEO.

OLG will now undertake its due diligence in evaluating the RFPQ submissions and select potential service providers who are eligible to receive the Request for Proposal (RFP) document.

Following the RFP process, OLG will select a qualified service provider. The service provider will be responsible for operating the day-to-day lottery business, recommending strategies to maximize the growth and success of the lottery business, developing products and marketing plans, as well as process and cost optimization. The service provider will also serve as a single point of contact for OLG by ensuring subcontractors deliver on OLG’s requirements.

“Revenue from our lottery business alone currently contributes $1 billion annually to the Ontario government,” said Phillips. “By modernizing our lottery business, we will increase efficiencies and expand options for lottery sales in a responsible manner, including introducing new games and innovation to make playing the lottery more convenient and engaging for our customers.”

In the future, OLG will continue its role in the conduct, management and oversight of lottery. This includes setting the overall strategy for lottery and managing the market by approving channel strategies and products.

OLG will continue to work within the province’s overall problem gambling strategy to contribute to the prevention and mitigation of problem gambling through its Responsible Gambling program, which is recognized internationally by the World Lottery Association’s certification program. OLG will also require the service provider to follow the Responsible Gambling Standards that OLG has developed.

OLG has two impartial advisors providing oversight on the integrity and fairness of the procurement process.

OLG expects to select a new service provider to assume specific day-to-day operations of lottery later this year.

All Ontarians will benefit once the modernization of lottery and gaming is complete.

OLG currently provides nearly $2 billion annually to the Ontario government and modernization will enable OLG to grow that contribution to more than $3 billion a year. This money is used to help fund provincial priorities such as hospitals and municipal infrastructure.

In addition to increasing its financial contribution to the Province, a modern OLG will help create thousands of jobs and drive more than $3 billion in capital investments across Ontario.

For more details on the status of OLG’s procurement process for the modernization of lottery and gaming, visit:

OLG is a provincial agency responsible for province-wide lottery games and gaming facilities. Since 1975, OLG lotteries, Casinos, Slots, and Resort Casinos have generated more than $36 billion for the benefit of the Province of Ontario. Proceeds from OLG's operations help support Ontario's hospitals, amateur sport through the QUEST FOR GOLD program, recreational and cultural activities, communities, provincial priority programs such as health care and education, and local and provincial charities. OLG is modernizing Lottery and Gaming for a better Ontario Follow us on Twitter @modern_olg

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