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OLG Collaborates with Internationally Renowned Responsible Gambling Academic


OLG Collaborates with Internationally Renowned Responsible Gambling Academic

This week OLG’s Social Responsibility team hosted Dr. Sally Gainsbury from Southern Cross University in Australia. Rod Phillips, OLG President and CEO, was on hand to welcome Dr. Gainsbury and her research colleague Laura Jakob, a consultant with Communio in Australia, to OLG. Dr. Gainsbury, who is conducting major studies on pre-commitment tools to support Responsible Gambling (RG) in Australia and on RG considerations for social media internationally, was here to gather OLG’s perspectives for her research and to hear updates on OLG’s RG program. OLG maintains a mutually beneficial relationship with researchers like Dr. Gainsbury. While OLG gains input from credible academics in RG research, it is also able to provide people like Dr. Gainsbury with an operator’s view to inform her research. Dr. Gainsbury is also affiliated with the Gambling Research Exchange Ontario (GREO) serving as peer reviewer of research.  In 2011, she prepared their consultation submission on OLG’s RG platform for iGaming. Her paper has significantly helped to inform OLG’s RG policies and program for iGaming. Dr. Gainsbury’s twitter feed offers an international perspective on Responsible Gambling initiatives.  You can follow her at @DrSalGainsbury.
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