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Sponsorship Evaluation Criteria

SPONSORSHIP Evaluation criteria

Learn more about how OLG evaluates sponsorship opportunities.

SPONSORSHIP Evaluation criteria

Learn more about how OLG evaluates sponsorship opportunities.


OLG evaluates requests on the following Sponsorship criteria*:

*Please note that meeting these criteria does not in itself guarantee approval. Due to high demands for sponsorship funds, OLG is unable to support all projects.

The event is aligned with OLG’s target sponsorship categories. It must be a community festival; significant local event; a civic or business-related event aligned with OLG priorities, and/or an event aligned with OLG’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion strategy.

Where required, OLG is to be provided exclusivity in the gaming industry.

The event must be consistent with OLG’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, support OLG positioning as a strong community partner, and portray a positive image.

The sponsorship will be of interest to our customers and stakeholders.

The event must primarily engage and benefit adults 18 years of age and older.

OLG prefers to sponsor events/organizations that are accessible to the general public and directed toward the community at large, and that provide programming that is free of charge or has a nominal admission price.

The event takes place within Ontario, near or in a community where OLG has business operations.

The event should detail opportunities for OLG employees to attend or volunteer.

This is not a first year event, patrons and sponsors return; the organization has a solid financial record; and the event is viable without continued OLG support.

The event must clearly articulate and quantify all rights and benefits provided to OLG, and where applicable, provide details on media campaigns, planned public relations activity, and estimated value to OLG.

The event attracts local media and can provide the number of media impressions from previous years upon request.

A complete list of sponsorship categories and fees must be provided as well as list of confirmed sponsors.

OLG is unable to provide sponsorship support for requests that are not consistent with our corporate policy.

Specially, OLG will not consider requests for:
  • Organizations, projects, events or activities that primarily benefit and are focused on people under eighteen years of age;
  • Events or activities that are contentious in any way or may be deemed unacceptable to the community at large;
  • Individual or personal needs;
  • Religious organizations;
  • Political organizations and candidates;
  • Operational funding or budget deficits;
  • Capital funds for projects or equipment;
  • Organizations that direct aid or assistance to recipients outside of Ontario;
  • Individual athletes, sports teams or registration fees;
  • Sporting events or sport-related fundraisers unless it is of significant benefit to the community at large;
  • Galas or fundraising dinners, unless strong business rationale exists;
  • Tickets or sponsorship of events where the primary intent is to have a political address by any level of elected representative;
  • Conferences or trade/consumer shows, unless there is a strong business rationale.

Want to Apply for Sponsorship?

Organizations requesting sponsorship support must complete an Application Form.

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