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Investing In Ontario


OLG gives 100% of profits back to Ontario. When we play together. We win together.


OLG gives 100% of profits back to Ontario. When we play together. We win together.


Since our first lottery launched in 1975, OLG has been giving back to the province, people, and communities of Ontario — it’s the reason we exist. 100% of OLG’s profits are reinvested back into the province. Through our operations, we are making Ontario stronger by providing billions of dollars in revenue to support government priorities. Here are just some of the ways we’ve made an impact in the 2022-23 fiscal year:

$2.5 billion

net profit to the province

These funds are directed by the Government of Ontario to provincial priorities.

$730 million

in support for local economies

This includes $116 million in direct funding to Ontario’s horse racing industry and $123 million in payments to the Ontario First Nations.

$103 million

for corporate responsibility

This includes $80 million in Charitable Gaming proceeds for participating local charities and $1 million in corporate sponsorships including festivals and events.
Plus more than $2.6 billion in lottery prizes to players

Casino Gaming Host Communities

OLG benefits the communities that host our gaming facilities in a number of ways.

A portion of the profits earned at each OLG gaming site are paid directly to the host community.

This revenue does a lot of good, from the purchase of firetrucks to supporting the construction of roads, bridges, community centres, and more.

In fiscal 2022-23 $161 million paid to municipalities and Ontario First Nations that host Land-based Casino Gaming facilities and Charitable Gaming Centres
Exterior of Cascades Casino.


Supporting local charities is an important part of how OLG gives back to Ontario.

Our Charitable Bingo and Gaming Revitalization project brings together the public, private, and non-profit sectors in a unique partnership to provide a percentage of net gaming wins to charities and the communities that host them.

$80 million in Charitable Gaming proceeds distributed to participating local charities
Close up of a person playing bingo on a screen monitor.


Lottery games are a win-win situation for players and retailers alike. About 9,800 contracted lottery retailers in Ontario benefit from the increase in customer visits that lottery sales bring. Plus, every time someone buys a ticket, the retailer gets a commission — and when a winning ticket is redeemed at their location, they receive a prize redemption fee.

$330 million In commissions paid to lottery retailers


Festivals and events aren’t just fun activities — they create jobs, bring in revenue, and are important for Ontario’s economic development. 

OLG proudly supports a variety of local festivals and events across Ontario each year.

$1 million in corporate sponsorships including festivals and events
Rear view of a large group of people seated on the grass in front of a festival stage.