Letter to the Toronto Star Editor

(Re: Put casino to a vote – Toronto Star, January 25) This week's Ipsos-Reid poll showing 52 percent of Torontonians would vote in favour of a casino adds an interesting perspective to this discussion. In fact, Toronto has had a popular gaming facility for over a decade. The Ipsos-Reid research notes that among Etobicoke residents, people who have lived near our Woodbine facility for 12 years, approval is even higher--57 %. In addition, since 2000, the City of Toronto has benefited from over $189 million in hosting fees from OLG Slots at Woodbine. Other Ontario communities, like Brantford,("How Brantford used casino dollars to save itself" Rachel Mendleson, Jan. 25)  have also been clear about the benefits that gaming facilities provide: Chris Friel, the mayor, noting that his city wouldn't have been as dynamic as it is now. Rod Phillips, President and CEO, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation