Letter to the Editor – Ottawa Sun

Comments in Susan Sherring’s February 16th article are incorrect. OLG’s position has been consistent since our dialogue began with the City of Ottawa last year. The City will have approval of the location of a casino. This has been made clear in a variety of public forums including: Mayor’s letter to Council, September 24th/12; OLG’s presentation to Council, October 03/12; and the City's news release, October 10/12. The ongoing role of the City was further clarified in our correspondence to the City Manager, November 23/12. A number of these documents are available on the City of Ottawa’s website and have been reported in the media. Location must be agreed upon jointly by three parties - City of Ottawa, OLG and a regulated private operator, once they are selected. OLG is currently seeking operators through a transparent and competitive procurement process. This is underway in Ottawa and in eight other municipalities. The selected private operator will take over operation of the OLG Slots at Rideau Carleton facility. Discussions on any changes they may propose will begin between the operator, the City of Ottawa and OLG after procurement is complete. OLG and Ottawa have enjoyed a successful relationship. Since opening in 2000, our 250 employees at OLG Slots at Rideau Carleton have hosted 2 million visitors annually and helped generate over $45 million in revenue for the City. Like every OLG gaming facility, profits are used to support priorities like health care and community infrastructure. Rod Phillips OLG President and CEO