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Falls commits funds for new hospital

Falls commits funds for new hospital


Falls commits funds for new hospital

City politicians pledge up to $22 million for south Niagara health care facility

NIAGARA FALLS — A new south Niagara hospital in Niagara Falls moved front and centre Tuesday when City politicians pondered a staff report on how the City should spend funds generated by a new hosting formula with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. Funding for the hospital was one of a series of priorities – the others being tax relief, capital asset re-investment, economic development and debt deferral – listed in the report. But with the news that the province had approved a planning grant – considered the first step in making a new hospital a reality – Mayor Jim Diodati put forward a motion that the city commit “somewhere between $20- and $22-million to the hospital with funding derived from the OLG agreement.” Read more
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