Responsible Gambling Reports

RG Reports

As part of our commitment to responsible play, we provide yearly reports on several aspects of our Responsible Gambling Program. These reports outline our progress and effectiveness year over year.

Responsible Gambling Progress Report

See our progress in delivering key RG initiatives over the last year.

Progress Report (PDF)

OLG's Responsible Gambling Performance: Measuring Awareness and Outcomes

See the key performance indicators we use to chart our overall progress in reaching our RG objectives and targets.

Measuring Awareness and outcomes (PDF)

Responsible Gambling Scorecard

See the results of our efforts in educating and enabling safe gaming habits and supporting players concerned with their play.

Scorecard (PDF)

OLG Marketing and Advertising Standard – Responsible Gambling and Social Responsibility Content

See the standard we apply to all communications undertaken by, or on behalf of OLG, Resort Casinos, and Service Providers – including advertising materials and promotional initiatives – across all media channels

OLG Marketing and Advertising Standard (PDF)

Want to learn more about OLG’s RG program?

Have a responsible gambling representative speak to your community to answer questions and talk about responsible gambling.

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