General Facts

  • With the launch of PlayOLG, Ontario joins British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec and all of the Atlantic Provinces in offering provincially regulated Internet gaming entertainment.
  • PlayOLG will deliver a competitive and entertaining experience that is government-regulated, safe and responsible.
  • Internet gaming already exists in Ontario and approximately 500,000 Ontarians spend an estimated $400 - $500 million annually on out-of-province grey market gambling sites not regulated in Ontario.
  • PlayOLG offers Ontarians a controlled, government-regulated alternative to grey market online gambling websites.
  • OLG’s Internet gaming proceeds remain in Ontario to support provincial priorities such as hospitals, education and community infrastructure.
  • PlayOLG is estimated to deliver $375 million in additional profits to the Province of Ontario during its first five years in operation.
  • GTECH, a global leader of regulated Internet gaming services, is the primary service provider for PlayOLG.
  • On November 4, 2014, OLG sent emails to a group of eligible members of OLG’s Winner’s Circle Reward loyalty program offering them an opportunity to take part in a customer-focused preview of
  • On December 4, 2014, PlayOLG issued invitations to the first group of eligible OLG’s Winner’s Circle Reward members to register and play during a customer-focused preview of
  • On January 8, 2015 PlayOLG goes live with a full province-wide product launch.

Responsible Gambling Facts

  • Drawing from best practices across Canada and the world, OLG has embedded Responsible Gambling and safe play mechanisms into all aspects of PlayOLG.
  • There is no anonymous play on PlayOLG. All players are registered and age and identity confirmed.
  • All play is recorded and reports are available for customers to review their individual activity. Players will have access to their own individual data, consistent with privacy standards.
  • PlayOLG provides a controlled environment with the ability to identify each player, securely maintain player data and allow players to track their own play.
  • PlayOLG has measures in place to encourage healthy player behaviour, to respond to changes in play that may lead to risky gambling habits, and to provide information on where to seek help if needed, as well as to enable self-exclusion.
  • PlayOLG features an extensive suite of play management tools that includes:
    • No anonymous play
    • Registration includes age and identity verifications
    • Mandatory weekly deposit limits
    • Casino loss limits
    • Time limits for casino game play
    • Lottery ticket purchase limits
    • Customized RG messaging based on play levels
    • Seven day cooling-off period before increasing limits
    • Player self-assessments and risk profiles
    • Breaks from play on PlayOLG (one day to three months)
    • Self-Exclusion
    • Full account history available to every player
    • Tips for parents about password protection and how to monitor their children’s Internet access and usage
  • PlayOLG registration process includes identity and age verification.
  • OLG’s Responsible Gambling (RG) program continues to receive international recognition. The World Lottery Association (WLA) recently awarded OLG the WLA Best Overall Responsible Gambling Program Award. This award recognizes excellence in Responsible Gambling among more than 140 member organizations from around the world.
  • As is the case with other OLG gaming offerings, OLG’s Internet gaming business operates in a regulated environment that is overseen by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO).

PlayOLG Products

Games at Launch:

  • Variety of Slot Games
  • Variety of Table Games such as:
    • Blackjack
    • Single-player Poker
    • Baccarat
    • Sic bo
    • Roulette
  • Lottery Sales:
    • LOTTO 6/49 o ENCORE


Future Games:

  • Online Poker (peer-to-peer)
  • Bingo
  • Sports Wagering


PlayOLG Responsible Gambling Backgrounder available.

More information is available at

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