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Horse racing is a 24/7/365 commitment. Commitment to training, grooming, caring, preparing – with early mornings, late nights, and full days. Commitment never stops. Thousands of people across the province are committed to horses day in, day out. And OLG is committed to them.

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How OLG supports horse racing

OLG’s new Horse Racing division supports racetracks by administering government funding for purses and operational costs. In 2016-17, OLG will distribute approximately $93 million to support close to 950 race dates.

In the 2016 Ontario Budget, the government announced a two-year extension to Transfer Payment Agreements to provide support consistent with current levels until March 2021.This gives the industry confidence to make investments and business decisions for the coming years.

Making horse racing sustainable

Horse racing is an important part of our heritage. The ongoing collaboration between the Ontario government, OLG and the industry will help create a stable industry in Ontario for generations to come. OLG will continue to work with the industry to provide options to the government on a long term funding arrangement in order to make horse racing more sustainable in Ontario.

Industry Resources

The Administration Agreement governs OLG's obligations relating to the administration of transfer payments under the former Horse Racing Partnership Funding Plan, for the purpose of supporting live horse racing in Ontario.

Administration Agreement (PDF)

The Program Guidelines consolidate the roles and responsibilities of the various parties involved in the funding program. The document also summarizes the compliance and eligibility requirements for recipients of transfer payment funding, which are set out in full in the Administration Agreement and Transfer Payment Agreements (as applicable)

HPPFP Program Guidelines (PDF)