Our approach to social responsibility is grounded in our mission and values and reflects our commitment to acting on what matters most to Ontario communities and stakeholders.

Ontario’s first lottery launched in May 1975. Since then, OLG has been giving back to the Province, communities and people of Ontario. We provide revenue to the government for priorities and hundreds of thousands more to First Nations, local charities and communities that host gaming sites across Ontario.

However, giving back goes beyond our financial contribution alone. Ontarians expect us to build social value that benefits individuals, communities and society. To earn and keep the trust of the public and our customers we need to take the necessary steps to reduce problem gambling and its effects; support our employees’ contributions at work and in the community; and limit the impact our operations have on the environment.

Our Responsible Gambling (RG) efforts are helping to foster a healthy, sustainable player base through education, risk reduction and player assistance. That is what is behind PlaySmart — Ontario’s most comprehensive gambling education and player support program. It is designed to help players build gambling knowledge, understand risks, build positive play habits and know how to obtain help if needed.

Our work in RG and the contribution we make to the Province would not be possible without our employees — they are ambassadors of OLG’s values. We are committed to supporting them and building a culture of inclusion where differences are valued — where employees have the space to be themselves and are empowered to use their imaginations and skills to benefit the people and the Province of Ontario.

We also support the many environmental initiatives our employees champion in their communities — and we are committed to pursuing business practices that consider the health of the environment. This includes reducing energy use and related greenhouse gas emissions, as well as reducing paper use for lottery tickets.

We are proud of the progress we are making and are pleased to share our results with you through this website — our new and fully digital corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting format.

The site provides easier access to information on our progress and accomplishments in the CSR area. Rather than publishing a report once a year, the new interactive format allows us to provide frequent updates on our commitments and achievements. And, while readers will still have access to comparable year-over-year data about our progress, the new format makes it easier for people to explore and find the particular information they are interested in. It also offers easy access to our various other public reports, like our Annual Report, and to topics of interest, like our award winning PlaySmart program.

We hope our new format will help you better understand how corporate responsibility and sustainability fit into our culture, our goals and our day-to-day life at OLG.

Our Commitment in Action


OLG’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report has transitioned to a fully digital report that will be regularly updated to communicate key social responsibility developments as they occur. Our new report is easy to access, navigate and reflective of OLG’s ongoing efforts to advance its commitment to social responsibility.