Responsible Gambling Culture

Working at OLG means making a commitment to promote responsible gambling. Thousands of employees have formally assigned RG responsibilities. Even those who don’t are required to undergo RG training and comply with our RG Code of Conduct.

Among other things, the RG Code of Conduct spells out requirements for marketing, customer assistance and education, and employee support of RG research and continuous improvement initiatives.

100% of Employees have attested to the RG Code of Conduct.

At each gaming venue, there are formal PlaySmart champions and grassroots PlaySmart teams that plan, promote and deliver RG initiatives together with the site’s PlaySmart Centre staff. The teams try to make RG meaningful to customers in fun and creative ways.

Diversity and Inclusion

Since the formal beginning of our Diversity and Inclusion journey in 2016, we’ve taken big steps towards making our workplace more diverse and inclusive.

In early 2019, OLG set out on a five-year course through the launch of a comprehensive Diversity and Inclusion Strategy that advances diverse representation in the organization and establishes the framework for an inclusive culture and outlines OLG’s commitment to Diversity and Inclusion as a business priority.

While the launch of the strategy was a big accomplishment this year, a number of other successes have occurred:

Special training programs

OLG was recognized as a Greater Toronto Top Employer due in large part to OLG’s Diversity and Inclusion efforts. Our employee engagement results positively demonstrated the way we value our diverse and inclusive culture.

Formal Women’s and Pride networks

Launching a Gender Strategy in Technology that has moved the representation of women in Tech at OLG above the national average, with the number of women at the Director level increasing from 14% to 41%. To learn more, check out OLG’s profile as a dial mover with #movethedial

Celebration of global awareness days

Launching three new Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) – Mental Wellness, Cultural Diversity, and Events which join the existing ERGs (Women’s and PRIDE)

Occasional workshops

Training focused on Indigenous Cultural Awareness which introduced participants to Indigenous peoples’ experiences and brought history alive through the telling of personal experiences

Celebration of global awareness days

A number of significant diverse dates recognized including World Mental Health Day, Black History Month, International Women’s Day, Pride Month and Human Rights Day


Diversity and inclusion are important to OLG and are crucial to our success as a company. We are committed to our diversity and inclusion journey, building diverse representation at all levels, and leveraging our unique differences in an inclusive way.

In 2019, OLG was recognized as a Greater Toronto Employer due in large part to OLG’s Diversity and Inclusion effort.

41% - percentage of women at the Director level in Technology at OLG, up from 14% in previous years.

Community Engagement

We think it’s important for employees to volunteer and raise funds for community projects that are important to them. For more than 15 years, our employees have taken the lead in organizing annual Federated Health and United Way charity campaigns at their locations. Together, they also lead local site initiatives such as food and warm clothing drives, provide meals for families staying at their local Ronald McDonald House, and raise funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and local chapters of Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada.

We also encourage employees to volunteer at OLG-sponsored environmental initiatives such as WWF-Canada’s Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up and Earth Hour, as well as Sweater Day and the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Conservation Volunteer Program events

Amount OLG employees donated to charity in fiscal 2017-18


raised by employees for Federated Health Charities


Raised by employees for United Way

Our Stories of Engaging Our Employees


OLG’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report has transitioned to a fully digital report that will be regularly updated to communicate key social responsibility developments as they occur. Our new report is easy to access, navigate and reflective of OLG’s ongoing efforts to advance its commitment to social responsibility.