We are one of the Government of Ontario's largest sources of non-tax revenue, and the funds we generate are used to support provincial priorities, including the operation of hospitals, culture, amateur sports and more.

Along with providing revenue, we contribute to the creation of local jobs and the purchasing of local goods and services, as well as drive sales for lottery retailers and support community projects and events.

What We’ve Achieved

Here’s a snapshot of our economic impact in fiscal 2018-19:

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Net profit to the province

These funds are directed by the Government of Ontario to provincial priorities. Since the start of OLG's modernization, this amount has grown by more than 30 per cent, from $1.88 billion in fiscal 2011-12 to $2.47 billion in fiscal 2018-19.

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In support for local economies

This includes $992.8 million for the employment of 17,600 people are OLG, including the Resort Casinos it owns, and at gaming facilities operated by Land-based Gaming Service Providers across Ontario and $139.6 million in payments to the Ontario First Nations through the Gaming Revenue Sharing and Financial Agreement.

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For corporate responsibility

This includes $43.9 million in Charitable Gaming proceeds for participating charities and $3.2 million in corporate and lottery festival and event engagements.

Plus: More than $2.3 billion in lottery prizes to players.

Our Stories of Social and Economic Benefits


OLG’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report has transitioned to a fully digital report that will be regularly updated to communicate key social responsibility developments as they occur. Our new report is easy to access, navigate and reflective of OLG’s ongoing efforts to advance its commitment to social responsibility.