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November 6, 2012
Ontario Police Chiefs say no link between gaming facilities and increases in crime

According to new video testimonials from a number of OntarioPolice Chiefs, there has been no evidence that a casino’s presence increases crime over the two decades that casino gaming has been available in Ontario.

“We have an excellent relationship with the OLG Slots at Dresden Raceway,” said Dennis Poole, Chief…

October 29, 2012
City of Toronto releases reports on new GTA gaming facility

Today, two reports were released by the city of Toronto on the benefits and considerations of an integrated gaming entertainment centre in Toronto.

 “Both the reports prepared by the City Manager’s Office and Ernst & Young confirm that an integrated gaming entertainment centre in Toronto would create thousands of jobs…

October 24, 2012
The science behind OLG’s gaming zones

As part of its Modernization Plan, OLG identified 29 Gaming Zones where there are existing gaming facilities and where there could be new facilities. These Zones are geographic areas where regulated private-sector providers will be allowed to operate a single gaming facility, subject to approvals.

The Gaming Zones will help…

October 4, 2012
Revitalized bingo centres to feature electronic versions of popular games

OLG is teaming up with the Ontario Charitable Gaming Association (OCGA) and the Commercial Gaming Association of Ontario (CGAO) to revitalize the charitable bingo and gaming industry in Ontario.

Complementing traditional paper-based bingo and other games, OLG is using modern technology to develop and introduce new products to invigorate the…

September 27, 2012
OLG and host municipalities working to build stronger communities

OLG is proud of the support it provides to local economies in its 24 host municipalities across Ontario. In 2011-12 alone, host municipalities received more than $110 million in funds.

To hear what Mayors are saying about their community’s partnership with OLG, visit the video section of this site.